Do you want to grow your law practice? You realize that marketing is an integral part of any successful law firm, but where do you start?

Here are four unique concepts that you need to embrace before you can continuously grow your law practice, while building a name for yourself in your community.

Dig The Well Before You Are Thirsty

I have a friend who, in some respects, is a better lawyer than I am. But he’s in trouble right now because he relies too heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. His biggest mistake is that he failed to dig the well before he was thirsty.

Apply The 80-20 Rule To Your Law Practice

The 80-20 Rule (the Pareto Principle), will help you determine what is working in your practice. You can use this rule to select the clients you want to represent and what marketing techniques to focus on. You need to be able to “Do more of what works.”

Will Your Law Practice Die With You?

Is it possible to actually build a law practice that you can eventually sell to another lawyer or group of lawyers? The answer is yes.

Don’t Give Up Yet. Marketing Takes Time!

When attorneys decide to market their law practices, they often give up too soon. You know that all worthwhile cases take time. The marketing of your law practice is the same way.