What They Never Told You in Law School About How to Generate a Steady Stream of Clients on Demand
30 years ago, I opened my law practice and built it into a successful firm using techniques I learned from a very wise mentor. Unfortunately, those techniques no longer work. In fact, the roadmap used by most lawyers today leads nowhere except to more work and fewer results. 10 years ago, I created a NEW Roadmap. A Roadmap that leads to a steady stream of clients with more certainty and far less work. It's this Roadmap I'm offering to show you for free.

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An Accelerated Way to Grow a Law Practice

Too many lawyers are overworked, underpaid and under appreciated. Street Smart Lawyers are none of these things. In each issue of the Street Smart Lawyer e-letter, we address ways for any lawyer to grow their practice with less effort. You can review previous issues of the letter on this page.

Meet the Publisher

My name is Harry Williams. I hired my first associate attorney in August 1992. At that time, I had a staff of four employees, and new clients and money were pouring into my office. For the next 10 years, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong. I ran television ads and two-page ads in the Yellow Pages for my personal injury and bankruptcy practice. I had a network of Realtors, mortgage brokers, and bankers who referred me business for my real estate and title insurance practice. By the early 2000s, I had two associate attorneys and eight additional support staff. Business was booming. And then it all changed. Download the Success Roadmap above to find out what happened and how I fixed it.